Writing | Isabella Yosuico
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Isabella is a contributor to several Guideposts books, was featured in Guideposts magazine, and has been a guest blogger on Guideposts.com.

Inspired by my own journey, this brief but high-impact self-guided Bible study can help you move through difficult challenges with new hope.


From the cover:

With frank, hard-won insight, Isabella outlines God-centered life lessons and encouragement that can be applied to every area of life—especially when facing challenges and unexpected detours.

  • Among them:
  • Accepting grief as a normal part of your process.
  • God’s ability and desire to comfort and guide us when we’re honest with him.
  • God’s purpose in suffering, transforming us and our circumstances.
  • How staying in the moment is not only consistent with God’s will, but enables us to cope more effectively and live more joyously.
  • Trusting that God can work good out of even the most difficult realities.
  • And more…