Musings from a not-so-airbrushed Christian.
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     Welcome to my blog, Not-So-Airbrushed Christian. Read on for my unvarnished reflections as I imperfectly navigate the sometimes very messy realities of life this side of heaven.
     I hope I can encourage you (and me, really) as I share my experience, strength and hope. Mostly, I hope we can all grow in grace, peace and joy and love (of ourselves and others) through a deeper sense of God’s boundless love for us in Christ.


                   >Grace, peace, joy & love,




Gephyrophobia is a phobia of bridges. I used to have a friend who would have an escort drive her across Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Bridge, a breathtaking 4-mile, 185-foot high expanse. Apparently, the fear for many is the imagined threat of losing control, careening through the guardrails...

Here's that word again, "casts." Here, love casts out fear. Perfect love. This whole passage appears in a powerful message about loving one another, love empowered and demonstrated by God's love for and through us. A standard of love I have woefully failed to meet by my...

People who fish (not me) know that casting is not passive. As I Googled images of casting, I found people in athletic stances, forcefully launching their line into the Deep. Here we're told to CAST our anxiety...