Musings from a not-so-airbrushed Christian.
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     Welcome to my blog, Not-So-Airbrushed Christian. Read on for my unvarnished reflections as I imperfectly navigate the sometimes very messy realities of life this side of heaven.
     I hope I can encourage you (and me, really) as I share my experience, strength and hope. Mostly, I hope we can all grow in grace, peace and joy and love (of ourselves and others) through a deeper sense of God’s boundless love for us in Christ.


                   >Grace, peace, joy & love,




My 12-year-old son and I got our SCUBA certifications in March, finishing our open water exams over two unusually chilly Florida mornings at the Blue Grotto, a fresh water cavern, and the picturesque Rainbow River, a clear, spring fed river meandering through lush tropical Florida...

Spend five minutes with me and you'll know I'm a talker. I use 400 words to say what can be said in 10, often going off on random philosophical tangents. Until recently, I think I often missed it when listener's eyes glassed over or they...