Inspiring & Encouraging Women
My Mission
I hope to communicate God’s transforming power through the spoken and written word, particularly to women. I’m convinced that embracing the liberating rest of the true Gospel through single-minded focus on Christ and its tangible expression in God’s Word, is the answer to every problem, the key to personal change, and the only way to attain lasting, positive results: God’s perfect plan for our individual lives and the confidence to embrace it.


I pray that my passionate faith in Christ, extraordinary life challenges, my own transformed life testimony and ongoing messy adventure are a powerful witness and honest encouragement to other women as we navigate life this side of heaven.

My Story

Born Isabella Campolattaro in Southern California, on the surface, my life seemed charmed at the onset. My parents, recent transplants from Italy, were both warm, interesting, highly educated people who appeared to be starting a remarkable life in the United States, with all the promise of the American Dream. Yet despite appearances, our family was deeply dysfunctional, fraught with alcoholism, troubled histories, misguided wealth and ambition, mental illness, and other seeds that foretold disaster.


Eventually, our family disintegrated, ultimately leading to poverty, my mom’s mental collapse and homelessness, and my older brother dying of a drug overdose. Awkward and full of well-grounded fear, I was a consummate good girl and tried hard to fix my family, myself and others—a futile and exhausting undertaking.  As a result I lived a angst-filled double-life, seeking comfort in an obsessive ambition to succeed, control, broken relationships and alcohol, all of which left me empty and longing even while creating its own wreckage.


Through a miraculous and unlikely series of events and people the Hound of Heaven brought my way, that longing eventually led me to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and an extraordinary, event-filled and ongoing journey of transformation.


I continue to find that my continuing journey is one that affirms God’s faithfulness, love and power to transform tragedy into victories, blessing her and others along the way.


The heart of my message is grace, the truly unmerited favor God has extended to me, not because of my goodness. But because of his goodness in spite of my badness, even while he continues the work he started in me.


Starting out as a creative writer, I quickly found a place in corporate communications, my career for more than a decade. Through circumstances only God could orchestrate, I’ve now had the privilege to share my experience, strength and hope through a range a channels, offering inspiration and encouragement to women from my own hard-earned lessons and ongoing wrestling match with God.


As super rewarding as it is to hear from readers about how they identify with what I share, I’m also deeply grateful to “preach” to myself what I need to hear over and over.

Verse of the Moment

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good for those who are called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28 (ESV)

Thought for Now

Consider what’s happening in your life today…what’s troubling you…in light of the verse above.

No matter how you feel, tell God you trust him to work it out for good. Repeat as needed.

What I’m Reading/Listening to Now

You are Free, book and Bible study by Rebekah Lyons
High-impact, personal and creative book and Bible study for women facing real and perceived obstacles to freedom.

Everything is Possible with God, Video Bible Study by Rick Warren
Practical, relatable teaching on developing greater faith with many relevant Bible illustrations.

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Isabella is a contributor to several Guideposts books, was featured in Guideposts magazine, and has been a guest blogger on

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Inspired by my own journey, this brief but high-impact self-guided Bible study can help you move through difficult challenges with new hope.


From the cover:

With frank, hard-won insight, Isabella outlines God-centered life lessons and encouragement that can be applied to every area of life—especially when facing challenges and unexpected detours.

  • Among them:
  • Accepting grief as a normal part of your process.
  • God’s ability and desire to comfort and guide us when we’re honest with him.
  • God’s purpose in suffering, transforming us and our circumstances.
  • How staying in the moment is not only consistent with God’s will, but enables us to cope more effectively and live more joyously.
  • Trusting that God can work good out of even the most difficult realities.
  • And more…

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Speaking & Media



I welcome the chance to speak to women in any setting of any denomination or even agnostics/spiritual seekers. Please contact me at discuss your specific needs or choose from one of my favorites, all inspired by my own real-life experience:

  • Embracing Life Workshop – Based on Isabella’s Bible study
  • Thriving through your Dysfunctional Childhood
  • The Blessed Relief of Being a Mess
  • Surrender as the Gateway to Freedom
  • Mompreneur Madness: Work-Life Mix NOT Balance
  • Reclaiming Sexual Purity
  • Down Syndrome & Special Needs Parenting
  • It is Good. Celebrating Our Uniqueness



Isabella gave a series of radio interviews on WDTF-Radio as a guest on Around the Kitchen Table with Carol Ambrose, a Focus on the Family network counselor. The essay and radio series later inspired the Embracing Life Bible Study.


#1: Embracing Life – Lessons from Isaac

#2: Grief

#3: Be Honest With God

#4: Embrace God’s Will

#5: Look for God’s Purpose

#6: Stay in the Moment

#7: God’s Timing & Faithfulness

#8: God is the Perfect Designer

#9: Trials do Build Character

#10:Focus on God

#11: Sexual Purity

#12: About Down Syndrome

My Professional Background

A longtime professional writer, I’m privileged to be in the company of some dazzling inspirational women writers as a contributor to Guideposts Books,  Mornings with Jesus 2018  and 2019 editions and Every Day with Jesus, scheduled for release in spring, 2018.


I am also Founding President of MightyTykes, a special needs product company inspired by the birth of her son Isaac, who has Down syndrome. I am an active church and school volunteer, have served as a member of my former church’s women ministry leadership team, communication chair, Sunday school teacher, and author of a monthly devotional published through my church women’s newsletter, The Spice.


My Bible study Embracing Life: Letting God Determine Your Destiny  is also the basis of a series of radio messages on WDTF radio program Around the Kitchen Table, with Christian Counselor Carol Ambrose.


With a Master of Science degree in Management and Public Relations, I’ve enjoyed a diverse and interesting career in communications and continue to work with select clients.