Isabella | Isabella Yosuico
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With an M.S. in management & public relations and B.A. in communications, I have 20 years’ experience developing creative, strategic and compelling communications for a wide range of industries and objectives.

As an inspirational writer and speaker, I’m passionate about drawing on my own extraordinary life experiences and challenges to help, encourage and comfort others.

I’m founding president of, a special needs product company inspired by my son Isaac.

I believe we’re all different by design, with a good purpose in mind. To that end, I’m a passionate advocate for:

  • The different, disadvantaged & dysfunctional.
  • Families and working moms and work-life mix–not balance.
  • My local community and global culture.


Inspirational Writing Workshop

Wednesday. March 13, 7-9 p.m.
Safety Harbor Arts & Music Center | Safety Harbor, Florida